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As reported yesterday, the Giants brought Joe Horn in for a workout, acting as if they might actually sign the 36-year-old receiver for the stretch run, but Joe Horn says ... he was used.


Horn says he did a great job running fake routes and catching passes, but that before he could even get back to the locker room, the Giants had already handed his plane ticket home. He now thinks the Giants never had any intention of signing him and simply put on this show to intimidate their current players.

He shared his theory on the "The Monty Show" on Sporting News Radio.

"I had a great workout, I thought, I ran crisp routes and didn't drop any balls and I did what I was asked to do. It seemed like the coaches liked it, however, before I could step in the locker room I had an itinerary with my flight back to Atlanta ... Honestly I kind of felt like I was brought into give those young guys a spark to say, 'hey I know you've got a job but you can be replaced.' So I think it kind of boosted and gave those young guys a spark to let them know that Joe Horn was there and their playing time could be taken if they don't get their act together....

I'm not trying to talk down on those teams, but I've played 13 years in this league and I know I'm not getting any younger. However, I can still play, I felt good running the routes, but it was kind of shocking to me why... I was asking my agent why would I come in on a Wednesday and be getting prepared to play on a Sunday Night against the Panthers? For the first 10 weeks I didn't foresee that happening. But I took the trip, got on a plane, bumpy flight and all, I hate flying, but I did it because of the opportunity and like I said my reason was to play for a Super Bowl Contender and the Giants called.

I am just shocked to see such dishonesty from a professional sports franchise. If only they could have won 18 games this year so someone could take them down in the Super Bowl.

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