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Joe Paterno's FBI file runs some 872 pages, and much of it concerns a series of threatening letters he and his coaching staff at Penn State received in the late 1970s and early '80s. Jerry Sandusky is not mentioned at all, though that should come as no surprise because Sandusky's sex crimes against children were not investigated by the FBI during Paterno's lifetime.

Now that Paterno is deceased, several media outlets requested the file under the Freedom of Information Act, and the FBI posted it online Wednesday. The Washington Times was the first to publish anything about the file's contents, and we've posted all of it for you below.


We're still sifting through the file, but there are numerous letters with a Pittsburgh postmark that were signed by "A Bitter Father" who feels Paterno is "responsible for me loosing [sic] my son." Another letter, addressed to an assistant coach, says, "I could do away with Paterno but I want to make him suffer I want it to be on his conscious [sic] that he was responsible for a tragic accident to you..."

Because of privacy issues and what's been described as the protection of a confidential source, more than 40 pages of the file are missing, and many names have been redacted. If you see anything in the file that's unusual, be sure to let us know in the discussion below.

Joe Paterno FBI file makes no mention of Jerry Sandusky [Washington Times]

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