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Joe Theismann Shills For Dan Snyder And Redskins Facts Site

As the two-minute warning approached in the first half of the Washington's preseason opener against the Patriots, Kenny Albert casually asked the Joe Theismann muppet with Dan Snyder's hand up its ass what it thought about the name controversy. Strap in, kids, Theismann has done a lot of research on this.

The first thing he did when researching whether Washington was using a racial slur as a team name was to consult the bullshit Redskins Facts website that is almost surely funded by Dan Snyder. There you can get a bunch of facts, if you want, and read and understand the facts and history about how a team thinks it can justify offending people.


As if feeling your trepidation with cold hard data, Theismann then spoke about all the Native Americans that come up to him in "New Mexico and different places like that" to tell him they do not want to see the name changed. Muppet Joe Theismann makes it very clear that these are personal interactions with Native Americans while traveling to different places like New Mexico and not a fact, like one might find on Redskins Facts.

Anyway, despite the wealth of facts and anecdotal evidence available to Joe Theismann, he punted on the name controversy and said it was going to be Dan Snyder's decision.


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