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Joe Torre Is Happy For The Yankees - No, Really

Given his acrimonious exit as Yankees manager, one would suspect that Joe Torre would be a bit bitter about the Yankees winning the World Series. Nope. Not at all. In fact, he's as pleased as punch - or something.

Torre, who described watching the Yankees in Fall Classic as "surreal," is tickled pink that the Yankees won the World Series. He is especially happy for Alex Rodriguez and manager Joe Girardi.

"To watch what they've done, especially with Joe Girardi at the helm, it really made me feel good," Torre said. "Even though I am supposed to be a National League fan, when you're as close to these guys as I've been all these years, well, I was just really pleased for them."


I don't know, I'm not buying it. Wouldn't it make more sense for Torre to be resentful about the Yankees pulling it off without him at the helm? On the other hand, perhaps all that yoga and New Age bullcrap Torre is into now that he lives in Los Angeles allows him to look at it from a more positive perspective. What do you mean Torre is probably not into yoga? That State Farm commercial was totally real, right?

Joe Torre: Watching Joe Girardi, Yankees win World Series was 'surreal' [New York Daily News]

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