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Joe Torre, Masochist

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One of our favorite games as a kid — and still, actually — was "Rock And A Hard Place." You remember the game: It involved making someone choose between two equally undesirable options. Would you rather kiss a donkey on the butt or look at a naked picture of your mom? You know, that sort of thing. It's quite fun.

Anyway, it appears when faced with the question "Would you rather suffer through a year of extreme stress, constant scrutiny, back-biting from those who employ you and the occasional requirement of helping Alex Rodriguez with his lipstick, or leave $13 million sitting on the table?", Yankees manager Joe Torre has decided to go with the former, announcing an hour ago that he plans on returning to the New York Yankees. He said it was "a waffle" on whether or not he would return, but hey, $13 million is $13 million. We'd apply lipstick for a helluva lot less.


Torre: I'm Staying [Newsday]

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