There are great life lessons to be learned in LeBron blocks. Most of the time, if your planning is off, your process flawed, your goals self-serving, you may get away with it. Most of the time, the worst outcome is it just won’t work, but you’ll get to try again and no one will take much notice. Maybe it’ll even work, and though you know it’s not the right path, results are results. But every so often, if your process and your execution are off, an unseen and uncalculated-for force will appear from nowhere, and as soon as they come into vision, you will know there is no escape. And it won’t just make you feel wrong or send you back to the drawing board. It will erase any sense of purpose or confidence you have ever had. And though you may never encounter it again, you will know that it is out there. That it could. And from then on, your planning, your aims, your execution will have to be that much tighter. Because if it’s not, you know that there’s always a chance, no matter how slim, that death from above could be waiting to make you start all over from the very beginning again. There’s only so many times Sisyphus can push that boulder up the hill.