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Joey Chestnut, described by Major League Eating’s own website as “the greatest eater in history,” once ate a world record 73.5 Nathan’s hot dogs in 10 minutes. He spent eight consecutive years as the undefeated hot dog eating champion of the world, and is the current champion. This very website once called Joey Chestnut a “genius.” So perhaps there is no greater authority on the nature of hot dogs and sandwiches in all the land than Joey Chestnut.

Yesterday, at Major League Baseball’s All-Star FanFest, Chestnut finally settled the great hot dog sandwich problem of our time:


“You start considering a hot dog a sandwich, and you’re like ‘oh, because there’s carbs around it,’ then you have to start, kinda, is a gyro a sandwich? ‘Cause that’s kinda like ... no. You have to keep division.”

You have to keep division. Hot dogs are not sandwiches. Thank you for finally ending this debate once and for all, Joey Chestnut.

Staff Writer, Deadspin

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