Joey Gallo’s teammates build mock crime scene to investigate his trip over first base

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Gif: Twitter @joeygallo24/MLB

Hi, I’d like to report a crime. Yes, his last name is Gallo, first name Joey… Uh huh, yes, he got roasted by his teammates after tripping on first base. I know, it’s hilarious.

Gallo took that tumble on Monday night against the Yankees. At first, his teammates and coaches didn’t know if or when they could laugh.


“I tried not to laugh when I was out there,” Rangers manager Chris Woodward told reporters after the spill. “I was just making sure he was OK, because he was kind of shaking his knee, and it was concerning. Once I found out he was OK, I did want to chuckle a little bit. He seems to be fine. That’s a big man.”

He continued, “Those are moments you’ve got to enjoy, because they don’t happen very often. Joey’s lighthearted about it. I think the dugout got a pretty good kick out of it too.”

And they did get a kick out of it. Ranger players kept making fun of the fall nearly 24 hours later.

During yesterday’s batting practice, a few of Gallo’s teammates constructed a fake crime scene at Globe Life Field. The box outside first base was sealed off with yellow “caution” tape. Batting gloves, a helmet, and an ankle guard were strewn upon the diamond. And an outline of Gallo’s body plus his No. 13 were etched in the dirt.


“Y’all wrong for this.” Gallo wrote on his Instagram story.


Seems like he got a kick out of himself, too.