Joey Galloway Ends Leonard Fournette Debate By Insulting Women Drivers

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On today’s College Football Live, Trevor Matich and Joey Galloway were arguing about how LSU running back Leonard Fournette should preserve his health for the NFL Draft in two years. The debate concluded with Galloway remarking on the driving skills of women.

Matich believed that Fournette should take it easy for his final college season, bringing up the case of former South Carolina back Marcus Lattimore, who hurt himself in college and ruined his professional prospects. Galloway, a former NFL wide receiver, compared Matich’s argument to telling someone not to drive a car because of other people on the road.


“When you drive a car, you don’t have SEC defenders diving into your legs 25 times a game,” Matich retorted.

“No, you’ve got women driving,” Galloway said. And then, all the air was sucked out of the room. Host Chris Cotter changed gears, and Galloway quickly apologized.



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