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Joffrey Lupul Legit Pissed At Joke Tweet That Made It To TSN

It has been a rough deadline day for TSN. Yesterday, Dustin Penner was pulled from his planned appearance for making some rape jokes on Twitter. Today, the network angered Maple Leafs winger Joffrey Lupul by airing a tweet implying he's sleeping with Elisha Cuthbert, wife of teammate Dion Phaneuf.

The scroll on TSN is clearly automated, pulling tweets with the #tradecentre hashtag and presumably filtering out any profanities. It might've been nice to put some human eyes on the feed, though—they would have caught the one above. (Image by @JE_Iannicello.)

Word filtered back to Lupul, who appears to have misunderstood how the tweet made it to air:

TSN quickly apologized with a statement sent out by its PR account:

"Earlier today, an inappropriate and disrespectful tweet was erroneously aired. As soon as it was flagged, we immediately removed it. We've reached out to the Toronto Maple Leafs organization and all those impacted to extend our sincerest apologies for our error. It should have never, ever gone to air."


Meanwhile, the best action of the day has come on the Twitter account of the Leafs fan who first set all this shit off:


Anthony's not wrong, there. When we're all waiting on Chris Stewart, it's clearly not a banner deadline day.

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