John Clayton's A Little Gassy In The Morning

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And now for a little stomach-churning media goodness. One of the inevitable downsides of ESPN's new "Live" SportsCenter are some of the slip-ups that occur during live broadcasts which unfortunately make it to air. Case in point — this morning, at approximately 10:28, it appears NFL beat reporter John Clayton was suffering from a bout of uncontrollable flatulence while on the phone with morning host Josh Elliot. Mr. Clayton's unfortunate accident occurred just as Elliot inquired about the status of Derek Anderson in Cleveland. Right after he utters the phrase "Brady Quinn is lurking..." you can hear the distinct sound of a gaseous emission trumpet through the microphone right before Mr. Clayton gives his Browns report. (Smell the junior high irony, if you will.) ESPN's media relations machine "could not possibly comment about that", but Elliot did say that he asked the newsroom "What the F was that?" after the incident occurred, but denies having personally "dealt it." Maybe it was Hannah Storm playing a prank? She's a scamp, that one. — A.J. Daulerio