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We're hardly a booster of the "hard" "drinking" Jay Cutler, but as Jake Plummer can tell you, it's not easy being a starting quarterback in Denver. (Boy, we're all about Colorado today, aren't we?) Particularly when John Elway is second-guessing him all the time.

Apparently, Cutler, who is the leader of the team after all, called out wide receiver Brandon Marshall after Marshall hurt himself "horsing around" with his older brother. Cutler was annoyed by this, and said so. King Elway did not approve.

"If that's what Jay feels like he needs to comment on, he needs to do that," Elway said. "Personally, I would've done it to him. Even though I tried to settle things in the press, looking back over the years, it hasn't been the right way to do it. ... I was surprised to hear it actually,"


Aaron Rodgers is going to get to deal with this for the next four years, so that should be fun.

Elway Surprised Cutler Called Out Brandon Marshall [CBS 4 Denver]

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