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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled John McCain Seeks Debate Help From Fellow Rageaholic

If John McCain seemed a little feisty during his presidential debate with Barack Obama last week, there's a good reason for it. His campaign claims that he began taking an herbal supplement designed to "enhance memory and keep energy levels up" in preparation for the showdown. Makes sense—until you learn that he got the "supplement" from one Mr. Bill Romanowski. Uh oh. It seems the Senator was taking Neuro1, which is manufactured and sold by Nutrition53, the company that belongs to the rather, uh ... "excitable" former linebacker. Romo himself says, "It's phenomenal for any person with stress and an overwhelming travel schedule." Or access to nuclear codes? In any case, political insiders will be watching the next debate closely to see if McCain shows any signs of increased energy or vigor, such as spitting in his opponent's face, suggesting some sort of animal ancestry in regards to his mother, or punching Sarah Palin in the back of the head when she's not looking. • Celebrity Side Dish [NY Daily News; third item] • If John McCain delivers a forearm shiver to Barack Obama during the next debate, it will be Bill Romanowski's fault [Shutdown Corner]


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