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Former Atlanta Braves yokel John Rocker has been in New York City all day today, promoting a new show he has on the Spike Network. ("Look, he's by the 7 Train! Whoa!")

This morning, we went to go see Rocker. Like, in person. But we're not going to get into that until this afternoon. We do have to point out that Rocker was scheduled to be on "Cold Pizza" about half an hour ago, until host Jay Crawford came on the air to say the following (reported by The Mighty MJD):

"John's involved with a new show which I will not name the name of now, and I won't tell you where you can see it or when you can see it."

"We had a nice conversation about baseball during the commercial break, and then he asks me politely, "Hey, you're not going to get into the stuff about the New York comments," well, yeah, John, we are. That's part of who you are. So he went over to the other side of the studio, and he was sitting like a four-year-old child, his lips were pursed, the next thing you know, he stands up and stomps out of the studio, right after we tease that he's coming up on the show. He just doesn't get it."

"If you do watch the show, John told me he's on it on weeks 3, 7, and 10, so just don't watch those weeks."


Much, much more on Rocker's invasion of Manhattan later this afternoon. But when you piss off Jay Crawford, you're only tempting fate.

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