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John Skipper Defines Leadership

We know the big ESPN interoffice complaint memorandum we posted yesterday was enormous and unwieldy, but seriously, folks: It's an absolute treasure trove of gorgeous goodness. So, for the rest of the week, we'll be highlighting two particularly hilarious and illustrative segments from the memo each day. Right now: ESPN head honcho John Skipper's heroic leadership!

Question: What qualities do you feel a Leader should possess?

Answer: For guidance, please review the Leadership Competencies in Performance Connection on the intranet for information on what is expected of a leader. Another good source for guidance is your department's HR generalist.


Honestly, this is exactly what Winston Churchill answered when he was asked what made a leader: Consult the employee handbook!

This is truly the greatest, most valuable quality a Leader could possible possess: The ability to dodge your question and refer you to someone in the HR department. Lead on, Mr. Skipper! We'll follow you into Hell!

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