John Wall was way too busy playing spades to pay attention during an ESPN interview

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The man was busy.
The man was busy.
Photo: (Getty Images)

Some things in life cannot wait.

Now, thanks to John Wall, your local spades game is one of those things.

Not even a national television appearance on ESPN could stop Wall from trying to make sure he got his books.

In one of the funniest displays of either lack of care for his interview, or pure dedication to the competitive art form of spades, Wall was at times flagrantly ignoring the interviewers’ questions for the sake of trying to set his opponent.


Field Yates even asked the former all-star, who is a Cowboys fan, about the NFC East’s putrid start — and Wall completely spoke around the question cause he wasn’t paying attention.

Wall was so zoned in that he didn’t even take an opportunity to roast the one division in the NFL that looks like they order their playbooks off Craigslist.


It might be the most comical thing Wall has done since his teammates forced him to hit the “Dougie” in lineup introductions during his rookie season.

I don’t know whether to rip Wall for his blatant disrespect to these ESPN personalities or applaud the gumption to even try to forge on with his game.


Either way, I’m going to laugh, and you should too.

Wall is coming off multiple injuries that have sidelined him for the Wizards these past couple of seasons. He suffered an Achilles rupture that forced him to miss the entire 2019-20 season.


When Wall returns to the court, the Wizards hope he can bring that same spades-level of focus to lift the organization back out of the gutter.