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Okay, who left the Pyramid of Success out in the middle of the den for everyone to trip over? C'mon, one of you better fess up to this. Because now John Wooden took a pretty bad spill thanks to your irresponsibility.

But with 620 career wins and 10 NCAA championships on his mantle, it's going to take more than just a little fall in his condo to take this UCLA icon out, even if he's 97 years old. Wooden did fracture his collarbone and wrist, but he's still in better shape on March 1 than the typical Ken Griffey, Jr. season. Moreover, all the doctors in the hospital are now under a strict no facial hair, tucked-in dress code.


So while we all probably wish the speediest of recoveries for Mr. Wooden, according to recent history he doesn't really need our sentiments. He survives everything, and there has to be some mystical reason behind this. Someone check his pulse. If it makes a whirring, mechanical sound, we might have found our answer.

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