Johnny Manziel Drinking On An Inflatable Swan

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There are some things that are inherently believable. Like, when someone tweets "not the greatest of pics, but here's Manziel enjoying some X games after party festivities in Austin at Rio" and it's a dude floating on an inflatable swan chugging a bottle of liquor, you just believe it because, well, why wouldn't Manziel do that? If you had the chance to just chill out on your stomach and float around boozing on an inflatable swan, you would definitely do that.

So while it's tough to make out whether this is actually Johnny Cleveland boozing on an inflatable swan, we can feel safe in assuming because it falls within the realm of possibility. In fact, boozing while floating on an inflatable swan at an X Games after party actually falls perfectly in line with JFF's stated desire to live "life to the fullest." It doesn't get much more radical than that.