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Johnny Manziel Offers Refreshingly Lucid Defense Of Colin Kaepernick

Photo: Jason Miller (Getty Images)

However you happen to feel about Colin Kaepernick, it is for sure interesting to observe that in the same month in which Johnny Manziel got a workout in front of a hearty handful of NFL scouts, Kaepernick was also out throwing the old pigskin, in front of roughly no one. This dynamic, and its associated discussion, was not lost on Johnny Football, who shared some thoughts on the matter Saturday afternoon:


Just to be clear, Johnny Manziel is out of football not necessarily because of off-field transgressions, but because he was never good enough at playing football in the NFL to make his off-field transgressions worth the hassle for NFL franchises, businesses that have otherwise shown a willingness to look the other way from genuinely frightening and abhorrent behavior. Whereas Colin Kaepernick is out of football despite a significant and virtually unblemished track record of being a starting caliber quarterback, and despite being broadly popular and respected among football fans.

At least Johnny Football gets it.

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