Johnny Manziel Partied With Expensive Champagne During His Bye Week

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Heading into his team’s bye week, Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel told reporters that he planned to use the week off as a chance to “relax” and “shut it down.” Over the weekend, a video of Manziel dancing and holding a bottle of champagne while at a party in Austin, Tex., was posted on a DJ’s Instagram page. The video, which was captioned, “Sippin on Dom Perignon for no reason with #johnnymanziel,” has since been deleted from the page, but you can see it below.


Videos of Johnny Manziel having a good time and swinging around a bottle of booze are nothing new, but this one, coming after Manziel’s stint in rehab and his admission that he has an alcohol problem, has a decidedly different context than those that came before it.

Manziel was asked about the video, and declined to comment:

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