Johnny Manziel's Ex-Girlfriend Told Cops He Hit Her Several Times (Updated)

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This afternoon, Fort Worth PD released their report about the night they were called regarding an “altercation” between Johnny Manziel and his ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley. According to the report, Manziel “struck her several times” both in a hotel room where the two had argued, as well as in her car while he was driving. Manziel has neither been charged with any crime nor arrested.

The text of the report is below, as is the 911 call a neighbor made (emphasis added is ours).

Colleen and her ex boyfriend, SUS (Manziel, Johnathan) had met up with each other earlier this evening while hanging out with a group of friends at the Zaza Hotel in Dallas, TX located at 2332 Leonard St. After the group of friends dispersed for the evening, Johnathan and Colleen were left alone together at the hotel. At this time, Colleen reported that Johnathan began [REDACTED] and aggressive towards her. Colleen described an incident at the Zaza Hotel in vague terms, explaining to officers that Johnathan was [REDACTED] as if he were on some kind of drugs, but was also adamant about Johnathan not being intoxicated. Colleen was struck several times by Johnathan including a strike to her left ear which [REDACTED].

Colleen and Johnathan then proceeded towards the exit of the hotel and Johnathan informed her that he was going to drive her home because he did not want her to drive while intoxicated. Once downstairs at the exit of the hotel, Johnathan and Colleen both entered Colleen’s vehicle, (Johnathan in the driver seat), and began driving to Fort Worth, where Colleen currently resides. During the drive home, Johnathan continued with his [REDACTED] behavior, claiming several times [REDACTED]. Colleen told officers that Johnathan would go back and forth between shouting angrily and [REDACTED] while making claims [REDACTED]. Colleen said that Johnathan struck her several times while driving her vehicle back to Fort Worth, but again was somewhat vague on the details of the assault.

Colleen and Johnathan arrived back at her apartment located at [REDACTED] some time in the early morning hours but Colleen informed officers that she does not have an approximate idea of what time it was. Officers asked Colleen if there was any further assault that occurred once they were back at her apartment in Fort Worth, and she began to become irritated with officer’s questioning. Colleen did not report an assault at this location, and told officers that she was running in and out of her apartment through the front door in an attempt to get away from Johnathan. Colleen informed officers that she finally rushed out of the apartment and ran to a nearby neighbor’s door to seek help. At that time, Johnathan then fled the area on foot in an unknown direction of travel.

As our investigation continued, Colleen became increasingly uncooperative, stating that she did not want to answer any more questions, did not want to fill out a statement or make a report, and did not want officers to photograph her or any of her injuries. Colleen was concerned at this point about [REDACTED] just before he fled her apartment on foot.


Meanwhile, Dallas’s WFAA is reporting that Crowley has “drafted an order of protection to be presented to a Tarrant County district court judge” in which she says that Manziel, among other things, threatened to kill both her and himself.

Here is an excerpt of the 911 call that that neighbor made:

And here is the police report:


Update (7:38 p.m.): Although the police report released today is from Fort Worth police, Crowley’s description of what happened has the assault taking place in Dallas. The different location is one of the reasons Fort Worth police listed for taking an “information only report.” Dallas police have released the following statement regarding Manziel.

The Dallas Police Department has conducted the appropriate investigative follow-up to the report forwarded to us by the Ft. Worth Police Department regarding an alleged incident involving Johnny Manziel. Investigative efforts to date have not resulted in the filing of a criminal complaint and the incident is determined to be closed. No further statement is expected at this time.


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