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Johnny Weir Goes Shopping

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"I love to shop," says Johnny Weir. Color me shocked.

The Washington Post accompanies Johnny Weir on a shopping trip in Torino, and it is mind-blowing. I highly recommend giving it a read, because, if you're like me, you're never going to experience anything


like this in your life. To me, it feels almost like reading about someone climbing Mount Everest. I just can't relate. Some quick facts from Johnny's shopping trip:

• He spent $1330 in two hours.
• His favorite item of clothing is a Roberto Cavalli beaver-and-python coat.
• Johnny believes that in a former life he was a young Polish girl during the holocaust.
• He owns 103 pairs of sunglasses, which he keeps in a drawer and polishes regularly.
• His cell phone has three fur tails hanging off of it, two of them beaver, and one of them mink (again with the beaver... it's like he's trying to convince himself of something).
• His feelings are hurt when he sees designer knock-offs.


I'm really starting to think he might be gay.

[Drop Till You Shop] Washington Post


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