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Eventually, yes, the Johnny Weir posts will stop. But not today. I think I might be developing a crush on the guy, and I'm not even gay. brings us this tale of a guy hanging out at somewhere in Kansas, observing other middle-aged blue-collared Kansans admiring the powerful hindquarters of Johnny Weir. There's talk of blind taylors, a skater's points being too high, and glute work. It sounds like a conversation that could've been taken place in any hair salon, or poodle grooming shop in America.


I think this might be the key to opening up a little more gay acceptance in America: tie sports to it. If there's a sporting event involved, even rugged Kansans have no trouble critiquing sequined outfits, Evgeni Plushenko's lack of artistry, and the strong backsides of the world's best figure skaters. Anyone out there who's thinking of organizing a gay pride parade, stop and turn it into a gay pride race. I think hairy middle aged guys in leather chaps and ball-gags would be perfectly acceptable to society, as long as they were throwing shot-putts or driving race cars.

Weir Connects in Kansas []

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