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We suppose, in a roundabout way, that it makes sense for fans of Terrell Owens to be fans of Terrell Owens, and Terrell Owens only; rooting for the team that your favorite player T.O. suits up for seems kind of beside the point.

On Owens' official Web site, you can state your ultimate case for following T.O. exclusively: You can join his official fan club. For a mere $59, you get:

• An MP3 of Owens' post-Cowboys signing MP3 "I'm Back." (Which, so you know, you can get right here. For free.)
• An "Exclusive Fan Club Hat (Flex Fit)."
• A "White Stadium Cups with a Blue T Logo."


That's right: For 59 bucks, you get a hat and a cup. Pretty sweet deal, if you ask us.

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