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Now, we know Bon Jovi hasn't exactly ever been, oh, underground, we guess, but on the list of Things We Imagine Rock Stars Doing That Are Debaucherous, Involve Leather Pants And Mostly Out Of Our Frame Of Reference, pre-releasing your album on with an extra track for customers would have to seem pretty far down there.

Best part: The interview with Bon Jovi, conducted by Mark Newman,'s Lester Bangs. It's never really about 20, 15 or 10 years ago for Bon Jovi. It is always about right now, that connection you are making at that moment with a new audience in an arena or a new person downloading your music through now. Isn't that how you are able to keep the magic alive in your music?

Jon Bon Jovi: Fortunately for us, that is true. It's always looking ahead at what memories there are there to make tomorrow.

"Keeping the magic alive" on Bon Jovi is so goddamned cool, and we're not even kidding.

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