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Jon Gruden Turns Worrying Shade Of Red Over Preseason Delay-Of-Game Penalty

Photo: Norm Hall (Getty)

Mike Glennon threw a 53-yard touchdown pass to [checks notes] Rico Gafford in the first quarter of Thursday night’s Raiders-Cardinals preseason game on ESPN. Immediately afterward, with the poor, addled fans in attendance still buzzing over the hookup, Oakland’s field goal unit took a delay of game penalty while lined up for the extra point. Raiders head coach Jon Gruden, whose sideline histrionics are evidently already in mid-season form, went apoplectic.

I’m not going to show you the touchdown. Forget it! No! I have too much respect for you, the reader, to ever expect you to watch a highlight clip of a preseason touchdown pass from Mike Glennon to Rico Gafford. In fact, I have edited the touchdown pass out of this video, out of concern that being exposed to a video of a preseason touchdown pass from Mike Glennon to Rico Gafford will cause some important part of your brain to suddenly and irreversibly shrivel and decay. What is left is all that you are medically cleared to view, which is Jon Gruden turning a shocking shade of red because his field goal unit lost five yards of field position on an extra point, in a preseason game:

Gruden is red-hot. No shit! The man’s scalp is the color of cherry pie filling.


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