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Jon Gruden's Hulked-Out Son Deuce Is Now A Champion Powerlifter

Deuce Gruden (born Jon Gruden II) is an assistant strength and conditioning coach with his uncle Jay’s NFL team, and he’s also a tiny, powerful weightlifting genius. The 23-year-old is 5-foot-5 and he told TMZ earlier this afternoon that he can squat 622 pounds, which seems like a lot.

Gruden is currently with his dad in Belarus for the World Classic Powerlifting Championships, and he won gold at in the juniors 83-kilogram division this morning. Gruden apparently squatted 600 pounds, bench pressed 418 pounds and deadlifted 638 pounds. Check out his neck. He looks like that muscular fish guy from Spongebob Squarepants.


As of two weeks ago, he was bench pressing obscene amounts of weight.

And also squatting the equivalent of a small horse.


For perspective’s sake, this is what he looks like next to a group of NFL players. He’s the one in the white polo shirt.


Maybe Washington should let him teach their players how to avoid getting injured so much.

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