Jon Hamm, Who Used To Comment On Deadspin, Clarifies His Involvement With Texas Longhorns Baseball

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We posted a story earlier today about a story Mad Men star Jon Hamm told on Letterman last night. Hamm told Letterman that he was tempted to walk onto the baseball team at the University of Texas, but Longhorns ace Roger Clemens intimidated him. But Hamm was in junior high when Clemens left UT. We were flummoxed. So we reached out to Jon Hamm, and now he's responded:

I knew Clemens wasn't attending UT while I was but he was the caliber of player that they attracted at that time. I certainly never "caught" Roger Clemens (and was not intending to convey that in the story I told) but have caught quite a few hard throwers. My point was simply I was way, WAY outclassed by the players at the elite level (Clemens, Swindell et. al.). Believe me, Roger Clemens presence was still very much a part of UT baseball when I attended. I in no way meant to aggrandize my ability (in fact, I think I reference my "B-" ability in the interview). If anyone's free Sunday mornings and hanging out in Valley Rec Centers, well first let me say I'm sorry for you, but secondly if you look behind the plate at the group of forty-somethings playing an approximation of baseball you'll see exactly what I mean.

As for my locally famous "hat controversy" mentioned by the commenters — I stand by my statements although my math may have been slightly off. I purchased said hat at the then named Kiel Center — I don't believe Saavis had entered the picture yet. In fact, I purchased two - one yellow, one blue. I chose them for their simplicity of design. The single blue note. For my money one of the great logos in sports. While it may have only been 13 years old rather than 15 as stated at the time, I did buy it specifically so I could have a piece of St. Louis out in my still very new home of Los Angeles. I still have both of them and I still wear them proudly.

I remain a fan of Deadspin (used to be a commenter in fact) and thank you guys (and the commenters) for my daily dose of sports info-tainment. And thanks for letting me clarify.


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