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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Jon Heyman Is Confused About Why He Hates Jose Canseco

Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman (the real one this time!) took to Twitter to chastise Canseco for, well, two contradictory reasons.


Canseco's a sad shell of a man now, we get it. But Heyman felt the need to pile on, calling him a "cheater" and a "ratfink." So Jose was bad because he took steroids, but also because he was honest about taking steroids? One or the other, Jon. If you're going to get so sanctimonious over the initial transgression, you can't be in the Stop Snitchin' crowd too.


To recap, Jon Heyman's hierarchy of needs:

1. That players never took steroids.
1a. If they did, that no one ever told him about it.

[h/t FordhamPride]


Football on tonight, two games for some of you. Emma's here for you.

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