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Hot Mic Catches Jon Jones And Daniel Cormier Talking Incredible Shit

"Hey pussy, are you still there?"

And that's just how it starts! The video above is an epic exchange between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier, caught by an alleged hot mic. We say "alleged" because the two fighters, who are squaring off next month in UFC 178, started the week off by getting into a maybe staged brawl at their media day.


This gem of a clip came after Monday's testy SportsCenter interview in which the two fighters talked about their brawl and promoted their September 27 bout. The interview ended, then Jones calmly put his earpiece in and asked said pussy Cormier if he had left.

What makes this amazing is that neither fighter can see the other and they're in separate rooms, so without the added stimuli, they're both speaking rather pleasantly and calmly to one another while kind of staring into space. The conversation gets more and more tense without either man showing any signs of getting heated.

At one point, Cormier, sounding as exasperated as a substitute math teacher, said, "You are just terrible. You are the fucking scum of the earth, you are a terrible human being, but you can sure turn it on, huh?"

"Thank you," Jones said, inclining his head.

Cormier eventually revealed he'd like to go into Jones's room and spit in his face, to which Jones replied, "I would literally kill you if you spit in my face."


That's when Cormier reasonably asked: "So Jon, do you I'm just gonna sit there and let you kill me, Jon?"