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Jon Kitna Has Good Reasons To Love God

After the Lions' loss to the Packers yesterday, reporters asked Detroit quarterback Jon Kitna what he was thankful for. As everybody now knows, Kitna wears his Christianity on his sleeve. And we really have no problem with that.

But we can't help but question the motivation for all that faith, after we read what Kitna said he's thankful for.

Lions quarterback Jon Kitna on what he's most thankful for: "That I don't have to go to hell."


We don't know if Kitna's next comment was, "Unlike SOME people" while eyeing the reporter warily ... but man, we hope so. Because nothing says love and devotion than doing something because you're afraid you'll be tortured for eternity if you don't.

What Jon Kitna Is Thankful For [The World Of Isaac]

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