Jon "Nasty" Mirasty, currently throwing down for Chekhov Vityaz in the KHL, gets in a lot of fights while playing hockey. In his most recent bout, during a game against Metallurg Novokuznetsk over the weekend, he mixed it up by smiling maniacally (and possibly even giggling?) and then reaching back to take Maxim Yeprev down with a single right hook.

There's a certain swagger here, isn't there? And also a certain unbridled insanity.

Update: Mirasty's been known to pull this act, apparently. From an ESPN The Magazine article by Patrick Hruby:

A minute passes. The punching slows. Gillies grabs Mirasty's shoulders, attempting to seatbelt. "Good fight," he says. The referees approach. Mirasty waves them off. "Hey, get out of here!" He then does something I've never seen on a fight tape.

He smiles.

H/T BroBible.