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Jordan Bell Tosses Alley-Oop To Himself Off The Backboard

Image via Warriors

True independence: It’s not moving out of your parents’ house or living off your own farm-grown sustenance or declaring that you, therefore, the Representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these united Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States.


It’s throwing an alley-oop pass to yourself off the goddamn backboard.


Jordan Bell’s dunk in the closing minutes of tonight’s blowout win over Dallas wowed everyone on the bench, including a shock-stricken KD. The guys on the Mavericks’ bench, obviously ... not so much. Steve Kerr called Bell out on it after the game, noting that while the rookie hadn’t meant to offend anyone, it was clear that he had.

Sweet dunks are not necessarily respectful, sure, but therein lies some of their coolness. Let Bell self-alley-oop on.

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