Jordan Bone's Draft Party Went From Tragic To Joyful In A Flash

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As this video of undrafted Fred VanVleet that made the rounds last night showed, there are at least some NBA draft parties that fizzle out before anyone can enjoy the ecstatic release they all came for, and it looked like Tennessee standout Jordan Bone’s party was headed that way as the draft wound down on Thursday night. Even though Bone was only projected as a borderline pick, I can’t imagine what that feels like. It must fall somewhere between Christmas getting canceled and your fiancé leaving you at the altar.

Luckily, Bone didn’t have to experience any of that depressing disappointment, even though he was more than ready to handle it. In this video captured by In The Front Row’s Eric Pope II, coming just before the 57th overall pick, we see that Bone and his family had already accepted defeat. His older brother, Josh, was stoically addressing the crowd, saying, “I’m hurt right now. I’m probably more hurt than he is. But I doubt it.” Jordan, despite being on his phone, was apparently completely blindsided by what came next.

Someone interrupted Josh’s speech by yelling, “Shit!” at the TV. Someone else screamed “Let’s go!” And then it was just adorable chaos, with Jordan getting tackled by his pals to celebrate his selection by the New Orleans Pelicans. (He’d be quickly traded to the Pistons in a convoluted chain of events, but not before he was overcome with emotion.)


It’s safe to say that’s the most excited anyone’s been to play for Detroit in quite a long time.