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Lotta homers getting hit these days, right? Lotta homers. One guy who has been contributing his fair share of bombs to this record-setting era of dinger-mashing is Jorge Soler. You know, Jorge Soler! The six-year veteran who was a hot prospect with the Cubs for a bit, and then went to Kansas City after he washed out in Chicago. The guy who, coming into this season, had 38 career homers in 1,132 plate appearances to his name.

Last night, Soler hit his 40th tater of the season, and it was a big boy:


Soler, who has a career OPS of .798, is somehow the first Royal to ever hit 40 homers in a single season. This is a development that everyone who follows the sport closely saw coming.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers set the single-season National League home run record last night, clubbing their 250th dong of the year. That came just a few days after the Twins hit their 268th homer of the season, breaking the previous all-time, single-season record that was set by the Yankees... last season.

Baseball in 2019? It’s all very normal to me.

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