Jose Bautista Sons Hack Columnist On Twitter

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Toronto Sun sports columnist Steve Simmons is known as a bit of a curmudgeon and a troll in the world of Canadian sports media, so a lot of people will be happy to learn that he got his ass handed to him by Blue Jays star Jose Bautista on Twitter today.

It all started with this tweet:


That was a dipshitty little dig at Bautista, who earlier this season publicly expressed disappointment in the Jays' decision not to make a big move at the trade deadline. When Bautistia first made those comments, Simmons got all huffy about it.

Bautista did not take Simmons's tweet kindly:

Boom! Ya burnt, Steve. There's really no recovering from the "Who are you?" burn in a situation like this, but Simmons decided to go full-speed ahead, attempting to lob a counter-burn at Bautista.


Bad move, Steve.


Counter-burn deflected! You got double burned!