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Not only could you be living in Jose Canseco's home two months from now (it's being foreclosed), but you can stop by and punch him in the mouth to boot. As we learned yesterday, Canseco is promoting a boxing event in Atlantic City, and is currently looking for an opponent to meet him in the ring. Yes, the date has been set. But here's the best part: He's provided an email address for prospective challengers.


From Dan Gross of the Philadelphia Daily News:

Canseco and promoter Damon Feldman are seeking a challenger to fight the Oakland Athletics veteran on July 12 at the Bernie Robbins Stadium in Atlantic City. The chosen opponent will be paid $5,000. Brave souls should e-mail Canseco's opponent will be revealed in this column next week.


There are conflicting reports as to whether the event will be boxing or mixed martial arts, and whether it will be three opponents, or just one. In fact, only two things are certain: Jose will probably forget about the whole thing and not show up; and Charles Barkley will bet a hundred grand on the outcome.

Remember, that's Don't be afraid to pad that resume, Deadspin readers!

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