Jose Canseco Just Keeps Right On Blabbing

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The Nostradamus of Steroids spoke to students on the USC campus this weekend and because he doesn't know how to do anything else, he decided to take some more shots at current, possibly juiced ballplayers.


Jose Canseco went to USC's Bovard Auditorium to talk about his life in baseball, which of course means talking about steroids. He begins by accusing A-Rod of going after his sloppy seconds—first the 'roids and then Madonna. (That is kind of creepy when you think about it.) Then he tries to explain that he was completely clean in 1998 (when he hit 46 home runs) even though he also claims he needs to take extra testosterone to this day, to keep his "levels" balanced. And how he could have just gone on hitting clean home runs if he hadn't been blackballed by baseball. (It's kind of hard to believe that the owners wanted to send a message about steroids just as they turned a blind eye to baseball's biggest home run surge ever, isn't it?)

Naturally, Canseco had no problems discussing other current players. He says that Ken Griffey Jr. was always clean, but Jose still had to throw in a "you never know..." And finally, he casually estimates that he is 90% certain that Manny Ramirez is on the list of 104 positive players and that is the reason he couldn't get a contract this offseason. Not the fact that he was a 36-year-old head case asking for a $100-million commitment in the worst economic climate ever.

Normally, we wouldn't even feel like mentioning the continued ramblings of this hulk-like windbag, but ... he is always right. Damn him and his professorial knowledge of bacne medicine!

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