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You may remember, from Pat Jordan's already famous story for us about trying to interview Jose Canseco, his lawyer "Rob," a "a Cherokee Indian from North Carolina" who, after four years working for Jose, had yet to be paid. Well, Canseco might have just done Rob — whose real name is Robert Saunooke — a big favor: He just fired him.


Saunooke seems a bit bewildered by the firing ... and more than a little relieved.

"What's percolating is I don't represent him anymore. I terminated my relationship with him," said Saunooke. "Just moving on. It's a number of things. Irreconcilable differences, disagreement on some issues. I just don't need the hassle anymore."

Here's perhaps our favorite section on Canseco and Saunooke from the story:

Over the last few years, Rob has negotiated prospective deals for Jose worth almost $2 million. Rob got Taco Bell to ante up $25,000, plus residuals, for Jose to star in a TV commercial in which Jose would hold up a huge burrito and say, "This thing's gotta be on something." Jose demanded $50,000 instead and Taco Bell walked. Rob also got Jose an offer of $100,000 from, which would require Jose simply to wear that company's t-shirt and cap whenever he was on TV. Jose demanded $200,000 and Golden Palace walked. Then, Rob got Jose an offer of $75,000 from a reality TV show that wanted to film Jose in a wheelchair for thirty days. Jose demanded more, and the TV show vanished. Finally, Rob got Jose an offer of $500,000 for a movie based on his life, but Jose demanded $1.5 million and the offer vanished. "I told him, 'You're not Bill Clinton, Jose!'" said Rob.


Rob, we congratulate you on your return to the world of the sane.

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