Jose Fernandez Hits Home Run, Styles And Profiles, Benches Clear

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What's up, the Marlins? How you guys doing? Hangin' in there? Good, good. Braves? How you guys...ah, not so great, I see.

The Braves are, in fact, pissed. Pissed because Jose Fernandez, a pitcher, pimped his first career major league home run. The great thing about the National League, though, is that Atlanta could just hit him his next at-bat; might even save a run.


After Ric Flair-ing his home run, he then rounded the bases and hocked a loogie around third baseman Chris Johnson, with whom he apparently had a beef earlier in the game. When he reached home plate, Brian McCann got in his face, at which point Johnson stormed in from third and all hell broke loose. You just never know what you and the tens of others are going to see in Miami.

The Marlins—33.5 games behind the Braves in the NL East—are in the process of maybe coughing up a 5-1 ninth-inning lead. As of this posting, it is 5-2 with a runner on and one out in the ninth.