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José Mourinho is feeling himself right now. He has the best team in England, maybe the best in the world, and they're firing on all cylinders. So his typically dismissive response to a recent controversy involving other coaches' not taking too well to his celebratory handshake routine isn't surprising in the least.

The incident referenced, if you're unfamiliar, occurred late last month, when the Chelsea manager tried to shake Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert's and coach Roy Keane's hands in the final minutes of a 3-0 Chelsea blowout:

Lambert called the move—a gesture Mourinho is known for—"disrespectful" while Keane said they were "disgraceful." Mourinho's response appears to be fairly straightforward at first:

"First of all, I appreciate the comments. I think they are both two great examples of polite and very well educated people, and because I'm a humble guy who tries to learn every day and with every experience, I appreciate the comments."


Until you realize Lambert and Keane are in no way examples of polite behavior, and that Mourinho doesn't talk like that. The follow-up question removed all doubt about Mourinho's intended tone:

Mourinho insisted he did not understand why his actions should have caused offence and asked if he would do it again, the Portuguese replied: "Yes."

Cocky Mourinho is the best Mourinho.

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