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A couple of weeks ago, Browns receiver Josh Cribbs received a ticket for parking his Mercedes at an expired meter in Cleveland Heights. He protested immediately that the meter still had time left, posting a photo of his ticket next to the meter showing 8 minutes remaining. Police say they don't know when the picture was taken, and someone (read: Cribbs) could have put another quarter in to take the photo. Cribbs maintains his photo is timestamped and would have been impossible to fake.

Cribbs found out that the cost of fighting the $15 ticket in court would be $50, and that made him mad. Since then he's compared the meter cops to Skynet, declared he's doing this for the common man, and considered writing a "citizen's ticket" to a police car at an expired meter.


Today was supposed to be his day in court, but Cribbs asked for and received a continuance so he could go film a reality show pilot. The battle rages on.

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