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Josh Hamilton Is Doing Just Fine Thank You

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Hambone gives his first interview since, you know ... that. As you can imagine, ain't nothing gone break his stride or slow him down (oh no) and he's actually playing better than ever. So ... you're welcome?


Josh Hamilton spoke to ESPN Radio in Dallas and after giving his usual props to J.C., points out that the jeers have not really gotten worse since the naughty pictures came out. Mostly because the kind of folks who come to a stadium to yell things like "where's the whipped cream!?" would have probably been screaming about his smack addiction anyway.


So yeah, there are some jeers, but there also cheers and he's still pretty much the hero he's always been. Maybe better. He's been on a tear this month, going hitless in only three games since this website posted the pictures and raising his average nearly 40 points in the process.

It kind of lit a fire under my butt as far as proving to people who sold the pictures, who tried to bring me down, tried to bring the team down. They thought it would be devastating to me to put that out there."

Man ... I may be wrong, but I think we just got faced.

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