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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Josh Hamilton's photo-documented backslide onto a bar-top covered in whip cream while being groped by strange women was potentially disastrous, but he responded with a shockingly disarming press conference. But Hamilton's fans (Hambone Heads) went predictably berserk on us anyway.


Obviously, there were many people displeased with our decision to run the photos on Saturday (besides David Ortiz, of course) that besmirched the blessed persona Josh Hamilton created for himself since he crawled out of a crack den four years ago. Casting stones is God's job and God's job only — especially when it comes to those who slurp body shots off of a giant pair of heaving breasts in a Tempe bar.

Many took their righteous outrage to our inbox. Here are a few choice selections:

Just wanted to let you know that I think your site stinks. I know you and all of your staff make no mistakes and are so perfect. It takes a lot to stay on the totally righteous path. Josh has done an exceptional job at remaining fateful to his wife Katie, his teammates, and his Savior. Does GOD condone our transgressions? No, but he does FORGIVE us no matter what, no questions asked. We all fight our personal demons everyday. Most of us have it easier because we don't have to worry about jackasses putting us in print. It takes a real man like Josh to be able to admit what he has done wrong to the whole world. He didn't make any excuses; he just acted like the man whose faith in GOD will get him, his wife, his teammates, and his fans through it all. Josh is a wonderful Christian role model for inspiring kids in keeping GOD first. I know that the devil needs to try and take people who help others find the light of Jesus down, but it is a shame that people like you doesn't realize that we all are human. Next time you want to drag someone down in the dirt with you, think about how you would feel if your life will feel when GOD reviews your life to be judged.


AJ Daulerio,

I have a tip for you, stop smearing Josh Hamilton because your workers have no writing talent and you produce an tattle-tale, garbage website. It is hacks like you that are ruining the country by turning American culture into a joke. You abuse the American right to freedom of press, intended to serve and protect her citizens and hide behind it, enabling yourselves to advertise racy and private things, in order to grab the attention of desensitized citizens and in turn mark-up the cost your affiliated commercials. Do you care that baseball is America's past-time and is currently struggling to recover from a black eye due to steroids? No. That Josh Hamilton is a hero to many kids and sports fans of all ages and that he should be entitled to his private life as I'm sure all of your alleged "writers" enjoy theirs? No. I bet if you saw your neighbor with another woman behaving inappropriately at a bar, you wouldn't send his wife an email with pictures, captions, and poorly written story would you? Especially if the man was in the physical shape Hamilton is in, because he would kick your ass you little back-biting pussy. What would the collective pulse of the other neighborhood men be if they heard you went around tattling on guys for basically being guys? You would be treated like the degenerate you are. Lucky for you Josh can't call you on behaving like a little bitch, because he'd be shunned again. As such, and in defense of one of my favorite players, I took it upon myself to personally email you and let you know that in 50 years people will remember Josh Hamilton for his HR derby display in Yankee stadium, for his honesty and character, for his undeniable athletic ability, and for his ongoing struggle that media assholes such as yourself have forced him to bear so publicly. However, no one will remember, or you because you are a scumbag that led your life without honor and chased the coattails of great men hoping to shame them for a dollar. Fuck you, and fuck your entire staff of bumbling retards,

Mike R

So you feel real proud of yourselves by posting pictures of Josh Hamilton like a second rate National Enquirer.

Everyone who works for this trash tabloid website are just a bunch of jerkoff douche bags who never amounted to anything. A bunch of jock sniffing faggots who can't even report for credible news sources.

Fuck you losers, and please make everyone happy and just die.

I, like most people, am totally annoyed by Josh Hamilton's God talk. However, why run those pictures? I'd like to think I would be more inclined to sit on those and check with the team and his agent to see what's going on for his own good instead of trying to monetize his problems. I don't know, you guys win me over for a little but then somehow always manage to creep me out. I say this with little or no malice but it must be hard to feel good about yourself with some of the shitty things you do to people.


And my personal favorite:

Subject: Loser

faggot ass motherfucing moron!

Update: A man named Travis has a few things to get off his chest...


o steal a headline from you, predictably the media and blogosphere are quick to jump all over someone like Josh who has professed his faith publicly. Predictably you are quick to shout "hypocrite" and various other "I told you so" euphemisms in order to tout yourself as above such mentally bankrupt philosophies as Christianity. By publicly humiliating Josh for his misgivings, you are able to make yourself and others feel a little bit better and a little bit more validated for not being a believer or not going to church. This is likely because we all have a whole lot riding on such choices, and if you were to admit that Josh was right, well then you'd be in a heap of trouble.

Is this a valid story? Without a doubt. Am I upset with you publishing the story? Not at all. But to try to use the story as a way to denounce religion and faith is not only a gross misunderstanding of Christianity and its principles, it's also insane. The only thing Josh has done is profess his faith, which he feels strongly about, and he's admittedly done so quite often. In no way has he ever implored others to join him, or condemned others for not sharing his beliefs. He hasn't forced you to listen. But somehow you guys try to act as if he has, or as if his message is now less true or less valuable. If you knew what his message was you would know that this is not only false but it's poor reasoning. I know you guys don't purport to be a true news outlet, but if you did this would also be very sub-par journalism. That being said, even commentary ought to be honest commentary, and I don't think you have any reason to believe that honesty is what you have engaged in with this story and your constant insinuations that because of this story, now Josh and all other Christians are forever hypocrites.

Why don't you publish this criticism along with the 4 bumbling idiots' emails you trotted out to embolden yourself?

- a not-terribly-religious person that's not trying to make excuses for Josh and still finds your treatment of this story deplorable.

Second Update:A man (woman?) named Ami has something to get off his/her chest.

You are a real asshole for writing that article on Josh Hamilton. I hope you get hit by a truck and die. Who cares anyways whether he is out having drinks? All you are doing is trying to hurt him and other athletes with your stories. The media and paparazzi suck.

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