If you’re having trouble reading that, here’s an abridged version:

I feel like we play better on the road, I’m not gonna lie. It seems like our true fans, they’re really with us on the road and we feed off of that. When we go into the home stands, it seems like an open bubble or something. Like the other team’s turf.


They just don’t really care. They just boo everything. They’re not really behind us. We don’t really feel that. I’m tired of it. I really am.


It’s no secret that Washington, formerly the hottest ticket in the league, has struggled to draw passionate crowds in the Dan Snyder era. This summer, the team finally admitted that their much-hyped season-ticket waiting list, which they once claimed held 200,000 names, didn’t exist anymore. It likely hadn’t existed for quite a long time before this year.

For a good encapsulation of the modern-day Washington fan experience, please watch this short video from the home opener:

Norman knows what he’s talking about.