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Josh Shaw's Lawyer Confirms Balcony Fall

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There's a whole lot of confusion on what actually happened to USC DB Josh Shaw, who sprained both ankles in some sort of incident on Saturday. Well, here's one piece of the puzzle, filled in.


Initially, Shaw and USC said he had leapt out a window to save a drowning nephew. That turned out to be a lie—but at least the part about the plummet might have the ring of truth.

From the New York Times:

Shaw, 22, was injured Saturday night when he fell from a third-floor balcony at an apartment building in downtown Los Angeles, Donald Etra, a lawyer representing Shaw, said Wednesday in a phone interview. Etra declined to explain how Shaw fell.

That's the first confirmation from anyone in Shaw's camp that a fall from a window was indeed the culprit.

The Times also confirms TMZ's report that LAPD officers conducted an investigation into a burglary report at the building where Shaw suffered the fall.

The police responded late Saturday night to a call of a woman screaming. No one answered the door at the apartment, so the officers forced their way in but found the unit empty. A neighbor told the police that a man had run across a balcony. When a woman living in the apartment complex was given a description of the man, she told them it sounded like her boyfriend, Shaw.


According to TMZ, police spoke to Shaw over the phone, and he denied ever being at the apartment complex.

The investigation remains ongoing, an LAPD spokesperson said.