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Jubilant Kings Fan Dad-Rocks His Way Into Our Hearts

Look at this guy. I love this guy.

This happened during Saturday's game between the L.A. Kings and the Anaheim Ducks. With the score knotted at three and overtime about to begin, this beautiful lug decided that it was time to turn it up to 11.


What I love most about this clip is the mop-headed goof's dedication to Rawking Out. Notice how his lady friend completely shuts him down as he revs up, trying to get her as amped for overtime hockey as he is. A lesser man would have given up there, perhaps playing off the embarrassment of the rebuke with a few desultory fist pumps before returning his attention to the ice. But no, this guy soldiers on. I see that you're very busy with your iPhone there, sweetheart. Not to worry, I've got enough booze and metal in my bloodstream to kick this shit off for the both of us!

Thanks for being you, guy.

h/t hockeytrolls

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