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Judge Delivers Guilty Verdict In Steubenville Rape Trial

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Following more than two hours of testimony on Saturday from the 16-year-old Jane Doe victim—during which time it was revealed that one of the defendants identified, via text message, his own sperm on the victim in one of the circulated pictures—Judge Thomas Lipps found Trent Mays and Ma'lik Richmond "delinquent."

Trent Mays and Ma'lik Richmond, stars on the Steubenville High football team, were found "delinquent," which Lipps informed the boys in front of him was "similar to a finding of guilty in an adult court." The boys will likely be sentenced to jail time until they are 21-years-old. On all three counts they were found "delinquent." As the lead prosecutor said there was "no remorse" from the convicted, there was audible and visible crying from Mays in the courtroom as his attorneys consoled him. Lipps said the boys "might be dealing with emotions" since the consequences "were now dawning on them.

Judge Lipps termed the entire proceeding "profane" and "ugly." After receiving the decision the two boys made statements apologizing to the victim. Richmond walked over to the victim and personally addressed her.

"I would truly like to apologize to [girl's name], her family, and the community ... No pictures should have been sent around, let alone taken," Mays told the courtroom. Richmond stood up and walked across the courtroom to where the victim was sitting. "I would like to apologize to you [girl's name]. I had no intention to do anything like that," he said, before breaking down crying.


Update 10:59 a.m.: Trent Mays was sentenced to a minimum of two years in a juvenile detention center with a potential maximum sentence lasting until his 21st birthday. Ma'lik Richmond was sentenced to a minimum of year in juvenile detention. Both are prohibited from contacting the victim until they are 21 and will be on a juvenile sex offenders list "for the rest of their lives."

The Steubenville Verdict Is in, and These Boys Are Guilty [Atlantic Wire]

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