The Louisville Cardinals women's lacrosse coach is accused of abusing her players, and current Rutgers athletic director Julie Hermann is tied into the mess.

A group of six former and current women's lacrosse players accused women's lacrosse coach Kellie Young of abusive behavior. The Courier-Journal has the details:

-Made a player with a torn anterior cruciate ligament do 250 push-ups as punishment in an airport terminal.

-Kicked a player off the team during a road trip, leaving her behind at the stadium when the team bus returned to the hotel.

-Told two teammates to sign a contract saying they would no longer speak to each other.

-Called players “alcoholics,” “bipolar bitches” and “princess pussies,”and told players “f*** your parents!” when she was frustrated with parentalattitudes [sic].

How's Hermann possibly involved? Before Hermann was hired as the new Rutgers AD, she held a position as assistant athletic director at the University of Louisville and supervised Young. Parents of the players claimed that as early as 2012, they voiced their concerns to Hermann, who admitted that Young's behavior was "not new information." It is unknown whether or not Hermann took any further action.


Young dismissed the allegations; Hermann had no comment.


Photo: Rich Schultz/Getty Images