Junior Seau. San Diego legend. New England injured reserver. Man of the people. Pillar of the community. And, obviously, advocate for women's issues.

From The Smoking Gun today:

Two women are suing NFL star Junior Seau, claiming that the future Hall of Famer drunkenly called them "female-specific profanities" and tossed drinks on them during a bar confrontation last year. The women, who are only identified as "Jane Roe #1" and "Jane Roe #2" in their January 8 complaint, charge that the 37-year-old linebacker "physically threatened and attacked" them last May at Side Bar, a popular San Diego nightspot. The Superior Court lawsuit does not detail what precipitated the alleged incident, though a footnote in the document does quote what Seau reportedly said to the Roes.

"Put your shirt on, your tits are too small!" he allegedly counseled Jane Roe #1. Jane Roe #2 allegedly received this fitness advice: "Get on a treadmill, you c—t!" The women also claim that Seau threw two drinks on them, "ruining Plaintiffs' clothing (and evening)."

Yeah, you know, that would do it. Charming fellow.

Seau What? [The Smoking Gun]